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Victoria Jimenez


Welcome and thank you for visiting our website.

My name is Victoria Jimenez. La Casita de Niños was founded in 2017 and I am so blessed with many amazing and beautiful children as my clients since then. As my background is in childhood education, I have over a decade of experience working with children 0-6 years of ages.


I completed my Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Development at Autonoma University of Madrid, and furthered my education in Childcare Management at New York University. It is my lifelong dream and pleasure to introduce my 100% Spanish Immersion curriculum via La Casita de Ninos and in sunny San Diego, California.

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Devaki Garcia


Full time teacher at La casita de Ninos


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Dara Kane

I am a professional early childhood educator with a BA from Barnard College and an MAT from Teachers College, both part of Columbia University in NYC.


My career has been working with preschoolers and their parents for 40 years, both as a teacher and a director.

'I met Vicky Jimenez when she volunteered at my preschool in Scarsdale NY. From the beginning I sensed in her a natural ability to stimulate, excite and motivate young children ranging in age from 2-5. She was loving and caring, and the children adored her. She was self-motivated, never relying on being given directives, but also observant of how things were done in the classroom and absorbing those methods into her modus operandi.'

'She had tremendous initiative and was full of creative teaching ideas, making the classroom a fun learning experience.'

'I can recommend Vicky Jimenez as a home day-care provider of the very best quality.'

She received her Masters of Arts in Teaching with distinction from Manhattanville College.

Collage Artist, Co-Head Teacher at Central Synagogue's May Family Nursery School in New York City and Art teacher at Westchester Hills School 29 in Yonkers.

'Vicky is an experienced early childhood educator and care giver. I worked with Vicky at a private, play based preschool in Scarsdale, NY. Her knowledge of early childhood development and experience with young children was quickly apparent.'

'Vicky had an instant rapport with the children. She met each child's individual needs and treated the children with respect. In turn, the children were drawn to her playful, caring and engaging personality.'

'Vicky used games and songs to teach the children Spanish. These activities were fun and age appropriate. The children loved this special time with Vicky. They truly had fun while learning.'

'On the last day of school Vicky said good bye to each child during our Morning Meeting. I remember how she spoke so lovingly to each child and added a personal touch by mentioning something very personal to each child. I was struck by how well Vicky knew each child. I believe Vicky has a great deal to offer children and families with young children.'

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