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About Us

Kindergarten Stationery
La Casita de Niños is a licensed Childcare provider by Department of Social Services in
State of California
Lic #376627405


Our mission is to inspire each child to love learning by providing a Spanish immersion educational care for children of ages 1 - 5 years. La casita de Niños provides a loving, responsive and intellectually stimulating environment that encourages our students to begin their social and academic journey through life.

Spanish language is introduced to children in a natural way during our interactions in daily routines, learning activities and cultural events.

At La Casita de Niños, we believe that Bilingual education offers tremendous cognitive, social, emotional and developmental benefits to every student. We strongly believe that when children are exposed to more than one language, they learn to be more respectful of other cultures and develop more self-control and stronger reasoning skills, all of which will lay a strong foundation for adulthood.

In addition to academic lessons, We also teach positive values and habits such as respect for people and the environment, cleaning up after themselves, good manners, healthy eating habits, and coping with frustration in life by giving them the necessary tools to express themselves in a social and acceptable way.

Our goal is to ensure that families can feel confident that their children are receiving the best care and education while they are absent.



Our philosophy is based on the idea that every child has his/her own talent and way of learning. Therefore, we always set high expectations for each child. Our program is designed to address the individual needs of each child based on  age and individual pace of development.

We recognize the importance of providing a warm guidance, necessary means and resources that encourage children to acquire their maximum potential. That is why our international curriculum contains a variety of learning experiences including teacher-directed activities and independent play, inspired by both European and American approaches.

Our daycare welcomes and respects all families and children. It is essential for us establish a positive, responsive, and cooperative relationship with each child´s family. Therefore, we create daily opportunities to communicate and exchange information about each child´s progress and needs, about the program, and current or upcoming events… and we always encourage families to take part in program activities.

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