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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

At La Casita de Ninos, our programs are designed to maximize full development of each child.


Because we know “One-Size-fits-all” doesn’t work in education, our curriculum is inspired by principles of different approaches, such as;


Maria Montessori:

  • Respect for the child as an individual

  • Children have absorbent minds

Regio Emilia:

  • ​Adult is a mentor and guide

  • Children understand themselves and their place in the world through their interaction with others

Howard Gardner:

  • ​Multiple intelligences as the ways of understanding the world as we encounter problems and seek for solutions

Differentiated Learning:

  • ​Each child has a unique learning style

  • Create an environment that allows children to take control of their own learning


In our program we offer:

  • Spanish language immersion

  • Nurturing relationship with each child

  • Safe materials, equipment and environment

  • Variety of developmental appropriate learning experiences

  • Positive guidance, supporting social and emotional development

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